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Lustre first entered the inkjet arena in 1998, along with the global development of inkjet technology. Since then, the company has grown to become a respected supplier of high quality inkjet inks and technologies near its digital printing industry.
Our digital printing expertise is built upon in inkjet printing technology to provide inks tailored to specific applications for jetting reliability, durability, high color and image quality. Lustre started to manufacture inks for Desktop Printers at the beginning of company, Lustre has expanded its business area into the large format photo printer ink market. Furthermore, we have entered to inkjet drylab photo ink market. With these kinds of endless innovation, Lustre positioned as a true in the field of inkjet-applications. In 2015, Lustre started the research and tests of digital textile inks, and started to manufacture dye sublimation and pigment textile inks.
In our new facility, Lustre has more than 6,000 square meters dedicated to the development, production, packaging and distribution of a huge variety of products.